Archived News

    Pre-Season Ski Club Meeting    

Date: 19 November 2009

Location: First National Bank Community Room

Time:  7pm

Please join us to talk about the upcoming XC ski season.  Items on the agenda:

       A review of the two grants we received.
Discuss the improvements made to the course this summer and fall.
  Sign up for the lantern and gate job rotation.
  Discuss ideas to extend into the community (after school programs, etc.)
  Discuss fund-raising ideas
  Discuss a community ski festival.
Discuss hosting an XC ski race.

    Annual Summer Maintenance Day    

Date: 15 August 2009

The annual trail maintenance and clean-up day was conducted on Saturday, August 15th.  Thank you to all of the club members and volunteers who participated!  The Club helps maintain the South Flower Creek Trails in pristine condition for both summer and winter recreation.  We are looking forward to a great snow season, just around the corner.  Below are some pictures from the cleanup/maintenance day, courtesy of Jackie:

Eileen flips huckleberry pancakes for early breakfast.

Everyone sits down to eat before work.

Jim and Joe clearing, bucking, and sweating!  (Puppy helped too)

Chris using big words and Mark & Ben nodding just to get him to stop.

Mark and Ben on the roof of the shelter.

Nice socks! (Chris in the trusses)

Mike and Mark doing the heavy lifting.

The team moves the hood. (Chris and Ben move big words)

Jackie moving bricks.

The new fire pit!

Chris on the roof with Ben and Mark working below.

The puppies offered a nice diversion.

Mark working in the trusses.

Mike, Mark, and Greg clearing and figuring in the early afternoon heat.

The grasses quiver at the sound of Mike and his machine.

    2009 Community Ski Day  

Date: 21 February 2009

Photos from Community Ski Day
Emily and Jackie greeting skiers.


Mazzy (age: 7) showing off her mad XC skills and Chris & Marcus (age: 3) going downhill......

.......and uphill.
Ann Mason caught the light just right on her cell phone camera.
Jim grooming it up before the show.