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Dreaming of skiing

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Training of instructors
View from the golf course

Up the D Spur (Joni and Robin)

Gray Jay                            Treasure View               

Which way should I go?       Hmm, maybe not Nose Dive...

Greg and Susie Christmas day '10 beginning of Shorty's Loop

Got snow?
Saturday night illuminated skiing!
The Rice's.
Steve, Mark, Gary, Dale & CIndy conquer the night ski.
Cruisin' Mike.
"Come a litte closer with that camera, pal" (Ann & Robin)
Mike on the play hill. 
Time to groom!

Last day of instruction -- 2011

Charlie owns the track

Cocoa and cookies following an afternoon of instruction.

Four-yr old Harper shows first-time skiers how its done.
Mark, Ann, Gary, Chris, Eddie & Megan gettin' it done.
This is breaking trail!
Greg actually skiing (not grooming).
Jackie proving that Tongue Dragger is no match for a 1st-year skiier. 
Emily on Shorty's Loop during a break in the post-Xmas '08 storm.

Don't forget to carry your Swiss Army cell phone when skiing. 
(Joni and her sister Ann)
 Ann making short work of Shorty's Loop.
Miles, Pete, and others after hot chocolate and smores
(Saturday night illuminated skiing)